Fighting fat in children a weighty issue

Broadcast on 2SER Radio’s Panacea on August 13, 2013

INTRO: It’s perfectly normal for kids to enjoy a Paddle Pop after school, but how much is too much? With talks of a ‘fat tax‘ and a quarter of all Australian kids being considered overweight or obese, is the blame for this epidemic on parents, or are there other factors to be taken into consideration?
I spoke to Dr Elizabeth Denney-Wilson, a Senior Lecturer at the UTS Faculty of Health, who focuses on chronic disease and obesity prevention.
IN: “So back in May the Federal Government funded…”
OUT: “…If it’s in the house, someone will eat it.”
DUR: 7’44’
OUTRO: That was Dr Elizabeth Denney-Wilson finishing off that report.
Along with UTS Health Associate Professor Robyn Gallagher, Dr Denney-Wilson will present a “Fighting Fat” lecture on-campus on September 18, tackling the facts and fictions of obesity.

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